Sunday, 26 August 2007

Raindrops and roses

Rose flowers glisten with rain drops, while the drops hang on lens-like on the leaves.


Candles remind us of light, powercuts, exams and even birthdays. I have watched the wax drip from the side of the candle, grow into amorphous shapes, and collect at the base in lumps. When the wax cooled, I have tried to squeeze it into shapes.

Candles also throw a beautiful yellow light, unparalleled by any other source. Varun was patient enough to model behind the light.

Lotus blooms

Raji brought these lotus plants from Kerala. I was irritated by her attempts to carry these to Hyderabad, and was even more peeved when she bought a concrete basin and forced me to transport it in our car. Must admit her attempts, despite my reluctance, have paid off. The lotus blooms give us joy and peace.