Saturday, 28 October 2006

Quaint Pushkar!

Pushkar hits your senses. As you get off the bus you realize there are no auto- or cycle-rickshaws. There are only handcarts that transport both humans and their baggage. The lake is sorrounded by white- and blue-washed buildings. Sadhus abound (Indian/non-Indian, junkies/non-junkies)in this small town. It has a beautiful temple dedicated to Brahma (rather rare). As the sun sets, groups of Pushkarites do aarthi with lamps on the steps leading down to the lake.

We have strict copyright rules in our family. Since all of us were clicking pictures at Pushkar, these images are credited to Raji, Varun and Gopi Warrier.

Tuesday, 24 October 2006

Riding the camel

You cannot visit Pushkar without taking the mandatory camel ride. Varun ahoy!

In the third picture, Raji and Varun contemplate a serious decision - what to order for breakfast!

Salim Chishti's dargah

For us a trip to Agra is never complete without a trip to Salim Chishti's dargah at Fatehpur Sikri. We have loved returning to the dargah and praying there.

The third picture, in the mosque adjacent to the dargah, was shot by Varun.

Mughal craftmanship

Mughal craftmanship is as fine as it is grand.

Pyar kiya to darana kya?

Madhubala as Anarkali sang this while Pritviraj Kapoor as Akbar seethed at her impertinence in the all-time classic Hindi movie, Mughal-e-Azam. The song sequence, which was the first sequence to be shot in colour in India, was shot in the Seesh Mahal (the palace of mirrors in Agra Fort). We managed an entry and saw the small shining mirrors while our guide showed a candle.

Saturday, 21 October 2006

Wah Taj!

This is my fourth visit to the Taj Mahal. It never fails to awe me. Varun, who was seeing the monument of love for the first time said that it is much grander than the pictures. This is exactly what I felt when I saw the building for the first time, when I was as old as what Varun is today.

Sunset at Taj

Mughal architecture looks grander when silhouetted against the sunset. Varun shot this picture of one of the buildings in the Taj Mahal complex.

Taj - Upside down!

There is always a different perspective to everything in life. This foreign tourist wants to see Taj upside down!