Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Lonely at sunset

This picture shot by Varun emphasizes the loneliness at sunset.

Casting a web

This Signature Spider casts a web outside my window. With mosquitos in plenty, it gets food home delivered!

Matching colors

The black body with golden rings of the wasp matched with the color of my wall. Just as well that I shot this picture then, because a couple of days later they painted our walls yellow.

Past and the present

It is said that the site where ICRISAT campus is located - Patancheru - has had unbroken human inhabitation for more than a thousand years. Many relics were excavated when the construction and landscaping was carried out. A young creeper emerges from close to the urn, linking the past with the present.

Bounteous bloom

The mango trees have bloomed well this year. If these flowers turn into fruits, we should be expecting a good mango harvest this summer.

This Indian Tree Pie mocks me

This beautiful bird mocks me. I can hear his/her calls from the branch of the tree in front of my house. But by the time I have got my camera out, the bird hides behinds the leaves, and continues mocking me from behind the foliage.

Scaring a Kingfisher

When I stepped out to shoot this Kingfisher, Ashley my pet cat decided to walk with me. Now, when you have a cat as an escort, it is not exactly the most appropriate moment to shoot bird pictures. However, I managed this shot before the bird flew away.