Monday, 26 March 2012

How green is the company?

The Green Company (Greenco) rating initiative of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) got rolling in early March, with the Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) getting its certification ... MORE ...


  1. I came here through your Business Line article. I found it fascinating that India is moving towards rating the industry. I work in corporate sustainability in the US and am interested in learning more about it in the Indian context. But I am curious as to how the GreenCo rating is applied to a variety of companies. Is it looking at just corporate companies- or ones which manufacture a good. Does the rating go deep into the supply chain? Are the suppliers equally engaged in the process when the company is undergoing its rating? I'm sure these are questions for the rating agency but I would definitely like to start a dialog with you on these issues.


    P.S. I might be related to you in some way.

  2. Neethi, thank you for your interest. The Greenco rating process has just begun with the first company getting its rating. There are 48 more in the initial pipeline, and these do include manufacturing companies. As I understand, the idea is to encourage the development of a green supply chain so that suppliers also reduce their footprint. The company that has more success in this gets more marks and thereby a better rating. However, as you will realize, the rating system itself will get more mature as more companies go through the process. Do write to me on my e-mail (the link is in my profile) and I will link you to the CII expert, who will be able to answer your questions with greater clarity.

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