Sunday, 3 December 2006

Spot-billed ducks

These elegant ducks stay close to the shore and swim away when they see you coming.

At the frontier outpost

This large pied wagtail keeps guard during sunset.

A model

Presumably there are models even within birds. This bay-backed shrike modelled for me, hopping from one branch to another.


Cobwebs on the grass trap dew which sparkles with the morning sun.

Sandpiper, off the bottle!

My city-slicker friend, RN, visited ICRISAT a couple of winters ago. While driving him through the campus I pointed the beautiful sight of a pied kingfisher hovering helicopter-like over water to catch a fish.

"I have seen many kingfishers," RN dismissed my excitement.

"Where?" I was curious.

"On beer bottles!" he said.

Likewise, if you are the kind who sees sandpipers only on beer bottles, here is a picture of one.