Sunday, 1 July 2007

Sunset at Nattika beach

We visit this beach in Kerala at least once a year - one visit is mandatory every holidays.

My first vist was in 1985, collecting crabs and starfish during my final year of my Bachelors in Zoology. Fate tied me to the beach more strongly when I married Raji, whose house is two km away from the beach.

Over the years we have seen the profile of Kerala change at this beach. A predominently fishing beach, Varun and I have come to collect shells and crabs and take a walk into the water. As the boats came loaded with fish, we have bought fresh mackarels and sardines. At times we have participated in beach-side fish auctions, buying a mound for Rs 50.

Along with Raji's father Varun and I have walked the length and beyond, up to the point where the minor river joins the sea.
Varun has stopped collecting shells, relegating such childish activities to younger boys and girls.

There are more visitors to the beach in the evenings nowadays. The new Keralites are more mobile, and they reach everywhere. There are more cars parked at the edge of the beach, and the icecream vendor is a new addition.

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